The "One Nation" rally of liberals vs. the "Restoring Honor" rally of conservatives.  What a study in contrasts.

Let’s start with the numbers.  Now, you may say that the numbers really aren’t that meaningful; what matters is the message.  Fair enough, except the number really mattered to the Left.  As pseudonymous writer "LaborUnionReport" notes from RedState:

You see, the size of the Saturday’s OneNation rally would not really matter if…

  1. MSNBC’s Ed Schultz didn’t foolishly make the claim that he would have 300,000 people at Socialist Saturday;
  2. Leninist labor boss Richard Trumka hadn’t predicted 100,000 union members;
  3. The SEIU hadn’t claimed 75,000 of its purple progressives would be bused in (unless the SEIU really meant that 75k of its janitors would do park clean-up for all the SEIU signs that were left lying around), and;
  4. Some dolt didn’t come on stage and claim that a satellite image proved that the Marxist March on Washington was bigger than Beck’s 8/28 rally…

Identical aerial views of the two rallies clearly show what one would call a gaping enthusiasm gap.  Keep those shots in mind when you read media articles that try to equivalence the two.  And consider, too, how many bought-and-paid-for attendees were there for "One Nation" (including students getting school credit for attending) and they still couldn’t hold a candle to the crowd from "Restoring Honor", the vast majority that came on their own dime.  Nancy Pelosi once called the Tea Party "astroturf", but clearly the plastic grass is on their side of the fence.

Oh, and another contrast is how you treat something you pay for vs something that’s provided for you.  You care more for something you paid for yourself, and thus there was quite a difference between how the "One Nation" attendees left the Washington Mall vs how the "Restoring Honor" attendees did.  When you pay for something yourself, you tend to take better care of it, which is a truism that can apply to government policies in general; a lesson the Left  never seems to learn.

And as Doug Ross notes, socialism played a big role in the rally.  Do these people even know the sordid history of socialism in the world?  That’s where this bunch wants to take us; further and further dependence on government and the power grab that is part and parcel of places like Venezuela. 

This is their "America"?  What an awful place, and what a contrast between liberal and conservative.  I still do have hope.

Doug Payton blogs at Considerettes.

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