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Now it has come to my attention the accused rapist Michael Fassbender, brother in-law of Judge Jennifer Fassbender, who happens to be from the same law school as Judge Ellen Clark that put this suspect back on the street for a poultry $20,000 bond. Which happens to be less than 1/10 the normal bail for someone with this charge who has a history of violence against women.

He has at least one other woman out there saying he raped her in a manner nearly identical to the rape of this victim that he is currently charged with choking and raping multiple  times.  This victim has come forward and told her story but is scarred and refuses to testify in court. So in court the prosecution may not use this prior bad act. That is unless the prosecutor is welling to subpoena the other victim and force her to testify.

I would normally never recommend that an alleged victim be forced to testify. However, this victim came forward told the prosecutors office what happened and now says “Kings Ex” I don’t want to go into court.  Under the law the people of the State of Washington are the victims.  She has a legal obligation to testify or face a contempt charge.  The people of this state have a right to be protected from this alleged predator.

In addition we have the suspects former wife and female child.  The U.S. Army sent the wife and daughter home from Germany early after they got tired of dealing with Fassbender, using his wife as a punching bag.  Later after she was legally separated from him she reports he tried to rape her.

This is documented in her request for retraining order from Michael Fassbender, in Thurston  County in which he was also restrained from having contact with his minor female child after she was allegedly struck by Michael Fassbender leaving deep tissue bruising.

It is alleged he was charged with various incidents involving domestic violence in the service as well as vandalism to another soldiers vehicle that got him tossed out of the Rangers. He was supposedly deemed unfit for re-enlistment according to one source.

He is the brother in-law of a setting municipal court judge who has defended him a number of times in the past in issues with the military a well as in Thurston County. Now he gets charged with a violent rape his sister contacts her friend and mentor Judge Ellen Clark and Michael receives an unbelievable low bond.

The judge gets the chance to correct her error in giving this alleged violent rapist a correct $500,000 bond when he charged with two additional counts of first degree rape and one count of first degree assault. She should have corrected her failed action in not properly protecting the public when the new charges were filed or she should have recused herself? She did neither and arrogantly left his bond at $20,000 which means he got out for $2,000.00

A man with a clear track record of violence toward women is out on the streets of Spokane because two female judges want to play good old boys games. The women of Spokane should be outraged, the news media should be writing stories about this with the same zeal they do when they are going after a local law enforcement officer.

The victim in this case has been let down by these female judges that care nothing about her or what she has went through or is going through now.  She has been let down by the courts, let down by the media, and frankly let down by everybody that knows about this case and fails to speak up.

To other victim that is out there refusing to testify I understand your reluctance to come forward but if you don’t this animal is going to go on victimizing women with the help of at least two women in this county, both judges. I hope you will get the courage to come forward and tell the jury what this suspect did to you as well as the victim this time before there is a third and forth. Before he chokes one a few seconds to long and she dies? How will you feel if he get off and you pickup the papers and see he’s killed a victim.

To the victim that has currently laid charges against this suspect that the sheriff’s investigation has demonstrated you’re telling the truth I commend you.

To the judges that have mishandled this case I hope the good people wake up drum you from office.

To Michael Fassbender, I hope if you are convicted that you join Kevin Coe for the rest of your natural life in prison as a predatory cowardly animal  like you should be.

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