This is Terry Turchie and Kathleen Puckett’s second collaboration in the book world. The first, Hunting The American Terrorist I enjoyed immensely. Terry was the lead FBI investigator on the Unabomber hunt, and also spent a year leading the hunt for Eric Rudolf. Kathleen was his head profiler, and between them they changed the way FBI investigations were handled. Both have now retired from the FBI and are sharing their thoughts through the book medium.

I heard through the grapevine that a new book was in the works. The title alone had me intrigued. Homeland Insecurity, it sounds like a bashing of the Feds.

My quandary though was how to find out more information. My solution was to seriously bug the publisher. Don Bracken of History Publishing is a great guy, I really like him. I started a systematic war of attrition on him. After much cajoling he crumbled and offered me a sneak peek at some parts of the book. I was salivating when the mail man arrived!

It likely will come as no surprise that the FBI and whoever is currently in power do not see eye to eye. Much of the problem has its roots firmly planted from the days of Hoover running the agency, and the rumored secret files he had on the rich and famous politicians of the day. Those files enabled the FBI to remain independent, of course they created some very bad blood between the government and the agency, and little by little the feds have eroded the effectiveness of the FBI.

Terry and Kathleen take no prisoners, from Nixon to G.W. Bush, and all those nasty aides and elected officials in between, they all get a good and well deserved tongue lashing. It matters not what party affiliation, they all get a good beating! Politics are like drugs, maybe even worse. Politics is every bit as addictive as heroin, the high is the power over people, and the lure is even greater power. George Orwell put it so eloquently in Animal Farm with Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

While I doubt that either Terry or Kathleen were on many Capitol Hill Christmas card lists before, I suspect that not only have they have not only been crossed off the list, there is likely a bounty on their heads!

Homeland Insecurity is scheduled for a September release. This is one book that you will want to check out. If this book doesn’t make the best seller list I’ll eat my hat, or I will assume that the Feds had something to do with it.

Simon Barrett

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