We are being told this morning that “polls” show that the Republican Party is on the verge of losing a good number of seats in the upcoming November elections. This is not surprising news when you consider that the Republican’s are the majority party in both the Senate and the House and when you realize that the individual Senators and Congressmen are nothing but Party robots.

Well that’s the way most of them act!

There is, shamefully, very little individualism in Washington. The Senators and Congressmen are bullied into voting their “party line or position” on every important vote that comes up and if they refuse and start acting like individuals they pay the price. The majority of Senators and Congressmen, it seems, do not represent their constituents, they represent their political parties; i.e., some “Party Leader’s concept of what is right and wrong for America.

Come November, we need a small, significant revolution. Come November, and every election day after that, if the voting public is smart enough to understand that they are being short changed, they should vote all of the “party-line politicians” out of office. Come November, the American public should vote FOR the Senators and Congressmen who represent their views and goals and AGAINST the politicians who do not. Come November, it should not matter if the winner of a race is a Republican, Democrat, Independent or something else — all that should matter is that the American Public has chosen their representatives based on their trust and on their considered views and goals. In future Novembers, voting a straight party ticket should not even be an option on ballots or voting machines.

Political parties may be a necessity for many things that happen in our government but party leaders (from ALL parties) need to be made to understand that there is a limit to their power. The power should rest in the hands of the American public; a small but significant revolution may drive home that point.

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