MRC’S Dr.CorraBy Paul Bellman

Dear Editor,

Please publish this for the public interest so people can know that the Gambia has capable and brilliant well trained scientists. In reaction to the fake HIV/AIDS results of patients who were treated by the President of the country, I must say how low can one stoop to deceive so many people without regards to their feelings.I am a Nigerian but I know quite a few brilliant Gambian Scientists whom I have worked with in both the Gambia at the MRC and in Britain. A few of them that come to mind are Dr. Tumani Corrah, Dr. Assan Jaye, Dr. Abdoulie Jack, Dr. Sana Ceesay; I could go on and on. Some of these guys have trained some of the World’s best Universities in America and in the UK, including the renowned Cambridge University. Some of these guys have worked for the MRC for over a decade as Senior Scientist in Medical Research and could have been great assets to the country in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

As it is now, I found out that some of these brilliant guys have gone on to greener pastures working for the United Nations in the field of HIV/AIDS as Advisers and Country Representatives for UN Agencies. If the President had the country at heart he could have encouraged some of these great sons of the country to put a trial proposal together to test his medicine rather than busting prematurely and announcing a cure for something that has baffled scientists for over a two decades. It is a sad and embarrassing day for all my ex coworkers whom I so deeply respect because of their brilliance and dedication to outstanding research.


I hope the Gambia Medical and Dental Association can stand up and do their duty to write to the President and show their dissatisfaction in the fact that he is illegally practicing Medicine by intruding into the RVTH and treating patients that were under the treatment of other trained doctors. Patients exposed to the whole world should be encouraged to seek legal redress because they were put on camera without their consent and their test results shared with the whole world.


Posted on Thursday, February 08, 2007 (Archive on Wednesday, February 28, 2007)
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