That was the title of an email I received this morning. I looked at the source of this claim and discovered it was NEWSMAX, owned by Trumper Chris Rudy, it is the twin of Infowars, the alt-right conspiracy laden site run by Alex Jones. Both also have a penchant for selling health supplements of dubious effectiveness, and I have never seen one with FDA approval.

Rudy’s claim about a secret society in Washington is complete bunk! It is a society out in the open and working in every state in the US. The latest ABC News/Washington Post poll has Trump with a 60% disapproval rate and a scant 36% approval rate. You can read all the gory details here.

Anyway back to the silly email, I feel obliged as a public service to publish it


 Breaking News from


Dear Reader,

It’s happening.

The whispers are echoing in the halls of Congress and being shared behind closed doors. Soon the mainstream media will latch on like a pack of vicious dogs.

What’s going on?

Well, you know we have an inside track here at Newsmax. We naturally hear things before they hit the street — it’s our job after all.

Look, here’s what we know so far:

Since Manafort was convicted and Cohen entered a guilty plea, there’s a secret society in Washington pushing harder than ever to impeach Trump. Their membership is comprised of Washington’s most elite…

High-ranking officials from the CIA, FBI, NSA, and DOJ as well as senators and past presidents. Obama, Comey, Brennan, Mueller, Hillary… the list is long.

They’re called the Deep State and they’ll do anything to make sure Trump gets impeached — and we mean anything.

How do we know this? We have a way to pinpoint exactly what this secret society is thinking and what their next move against Trump will be.

We can tell you everything they’re planning — and we mean every shady, sordid, shocking detail. There’s just one problem…

There’s so much to tell we can’t possible reveal it all here. The good news is…

Everything is detailed inside Dr. Jerome Corsi’s explosive new book, Killing the Deep State.

We called a special meeting to determine the best way to get this book in your hands. We unanimously decided we should just give it to you FREE. You can get it right here.

Why would we give you this bombshell new book for FREE?

Because you need to know about the Deep State’s plans to impeach Trump now.

Listen, should they succeed…

Everything in your life would be affected — your family, job, healthcare, finances, right to own a gun, safety, freedom, liberties, and so much more.

Trump is right. The stock market will likely crash…

All those liberal laws and wild-left ideas would be put into place. Obama policies like socialism, globalism, and gun control could come flooding back.

Everything Trump has worked so hard for will collapse if the Deep State succeeds.

You really have to read this. It’s a New York Times bestseller — and at that, we had to fight to get them to give Killing the Deep State its rightful place on the list.

Bill O’Reilly read the book and said the left in America “hates” every word of it.

Soon after the book came out, President Trump tweeted that a “criminal Deep State” wants to stop him.

Even though you’ll want to read this shocking book cover to cover, pay close attention to:

Page 25 — See just how tied up the Democrats are with the Deep State operatives. Their obstruction and impeachment strategies are all laid out right there.

Page 29 — If impeachment fails, wait until you see what the Deep State has in store. In fact, as soon as you read it you’ll have that “aha” moment. Know why? Because you’ll actually realize this terrifying plan is already set in motion.

Page 153 — What Trump must do to counter impeachment efforts, or worse, actual proceedings.

Page 160 — How Mueller will see to it that criminal charges for obstruction of justice are brought against Trump.

Page 173 — How this one simple thing could help bring down the Deep State.

You need to hurry and claim your FREE COPY today. As you can imagine, there are a lot of Deep State operatives who want Dr. Corsi’s Killing the Deep State off the shelves — maybe even banned.

We don’t know how much longer we’ll be able to offer it, so get your FREE BOOK right now. Go Here Now.

Your Friends at Newsmax

P.S. The publisher says it will soon close the door on our Free Offer copies of Killing the Deep State. So please act now and save almost $30! Go Here Now


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