People that know me, know of my disdain for Fast Foods. Wild horses couldn’t persuade me to eat a Big Mac, there is nothing remotely interesting in it. At over 1000mg of sodium (almost 50% RDA) this is not what I would call healthy eating. About the only items I like from McDonalds are Egg McMuffin’s and Hash Browns. Neither of these are particularly healthy, the McMuffin. coming in at 730mg of sodium (30% RDA).

Enough of that rubbish! Of all of the Fast Food outlets the one I dislike least is Taco Bell. How I met Taco Bell is a story worth reading, to celebrate my 40th birthday my son and his friend persuaded me to go Body Womping. My thanks to Taco Bell for supplying a vital part of the equipment.

Story can be read here, here and here.

For the past several weeks I have seen ad’s on the TV for Taco Bell’s $1 breakfast menu. I know you don’t get mush for a $1 these days, but what could go wrong?

I selected the Soft Breakfast Taco with bacon and the Breakfast Flatbread with sausage.

I have no idea if there was some special deal going on but including a small soft drink the bill came to $2.16.

Being a huge fan of ‘good value’ this was a great price. As I don’t eat a great deal and very rarely breakfast, this gets very high marks. The soft taco filling (bacon cheese and egg) tasted great, alas the flour tortilla was bland. The Flatbread was the opposite, the toasty flavored bread overwhelmed the sausage egg and cheese filling.

For an additional 40 or 50 cents you can add extras, I suspect that adding Pico Gallo of Guac would turn these into an outstanding breakfast. For sure I will try this again, I doubt it will be soon, my wife thought that getting up at 7am was a disgraceful time to roll out of bed.

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