It is hard to keep up with everything that is released. The main stream media tend to pick a movie and stick with it. This means that other movies (possibly better) get no mention. Of course there are movies that do indeed deserve to be hidden! There are movies that are so ‘whacked out’ that one has to wonder who the idiot was that financed the project?

Few movies make it to the theater, some head straight to DVD, and others sit for years in the vault, waiting for the right time.

I asked my wife if she might look at some of the upcoming releases. I would like to say that she was ‘overjoyed’. She was not! In fact I suspect that she is still not talking to me, I can’t verify this fact, well, she is not talking to me!

The one thing that I am sure about is that she will put me in the Wood Chipper if I ask her do this again. I personally think that she was over reacting when she threatened to bring a large knife to bed and kill me!


1.    The Possesion

2.    There’s a New Sheriff in Town

3.    Citadel, A Psychological Horror Film, Opens in Theaters on October 26th

4.    Love In A Cold Climate

5.    Coming Soon: Playing For Keeps

6.    Movie Review: Doggie B

7.    DVD Review: The Hunt

8.    DVD Review: Zombie Undead 

9.    DVD Review: A Day of Violence 

10.    DVD Review: Truth About Kerry

11.    DVD Review -  Kids Go To The Woods … Kids Get Dead

12.    DVD Review: Of Dolls and Murder

I  have to admit that Jan takes on projects that I might not! Jan is my hero!

Simon Barrett

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