In a surprise and unanticipated last minute tactical intervention by the President of the United States in the form of an executive order , the GOP which began the day secretly confident, it was on the verge of victory in the battle over healthcare, found itself in a complete meltdown after Congressman Bart Stupak of Michigan, announced he and twelve of his pro-life colleagues were switching their votes.

The move paved the way for passage of the most significant healthcare legislation since President Lyndon Johnson proposed Medicare nearly fifty years ago. The victory served as a stunning personal defeat for minority Leader John Boehner, who was barely able to contain his rage and seemed near eplectic as he shouted and cursed on the floor of the House of Representatives prior to the vote.

Despite republican rhetoric on the floor as debate moved toward the final vote, conservative and democratic media pundits began to agree, President Barack Obama was about to achieve a political victory of unprecedented historical proportion. The Passage of the comprehensive and far reaching reform to the American healthcare system will affect the lives of every living American and those yet born, the victory already has several Presidential historians expressing probability that Barack Obama will join the ranks of Lincoln, FDR and JFK in the magnitude of historical relevance and presidential  accomplishment.    

When Mr. Obama’s signature makes it the law of the land, American’s will no longer fear losing their healthcare insurance coverage if they become sick or be denied coverage due to pre-existing conditions, Seniors and the disabled who faced a yearly financial hardship with prescription costs will no longer find themselves in the infamous donut hole.

Irrespective of political ideology, both republican and democratic representatives conceded they began the day foot soldiers in the biggest ideological battle to be waged in the last fifty years and when it ended, Democrats celebrated a partisan routing that left republicans visibly stunned and wondering who amongst their leadership would suffer the consequence of defeat. 

Earlier this year republicans had managed to inspire the rank and file to a frothy frenzy with the promise it would bring about a political Waterloo for Barack Obama but tonight finds itself suffering the fate it reckoned to inflict on President Obama.

The vote had yet to be officially recorded, before republican pundits were on the cable networks deciding which of their leaders was to blame for the defeat and reporters were openly asking a frazzled minority leader John Boehner,if he intended to step down from his post in the wake of so complete a political failure.

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