Last night Kim and I saw a great film in the form of Pixar’s latest animated feature. While not as amazing as The Incredibles, it was quite a good romp that had some fun bits. There were lots of bits aimed at the parents whether its the snide jabs about Disney to the overt piss-take of Paris and all that is French.

Its incredibly impressive to see, using every inch of the digital animation to its fullest affects. The city scenes of Paris from the roof tops are nothing short of stunning. They rendered the Eiffel Tower in amazing detail , that makes you want to wait for the DVD to examine it.

The story is amusing with a rat that is a talented cook who helps a culinary dork finds his cooking vibe and get what he rightly is owed and then girl (although she is voiced by someone odious see above). I would have to say that anyone who has a phobia of rats might want to skip this one as there are some scenes of lots of them running towards the viewer.

The animated short beforehand was most amusing, about an alien in kidnap training (no not that bit of alien kidnap experience). While the concept does not sound that funny, in practice its quite amusing. While not on the scale of the pain inducing ‘Bounce” it does cause a bit of a chuckle.

Overall this is yet another Pixar release that works for both children and the adults that accompany them. Its a visual tour de force with oodles of humour and lots of wry observation.

If you want a peak; check out the preview here.

Kim and I would like to thank the PR company for a pleasant evening watching a rather good film.

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