Terry was a long time FBI investigator, in fact the lead investigator on a couple of very high profile cases, the Unabomber and the hunt for Eric Rudolf. After a 30 year career of chasing the bad guys, he and his long time FBI assistant Kathleen Puckett PhD, decided to move into the world of writing.

They have two books in print Hunting The American Terrorist which explores the inside and often misunderstood story behind the 18 year long hunt for the Unabomber, and also the strange case of Eric Rudolf who eluded arrest for several years by living off the land. The second book Homeland Insecurity is a biting look at American politics and politicians, and how in their addiction to power they have actually made America susceptible to acts of terrorism. The events of 9/11 were horrific, yet 9/11 in many ways was a convenient tool for our politicians to further their personal agendas rather than to secure our shores.

I had the great pleasure of having Terry Turchie as a guest on my Week In Reviews radio show. To say the least it was an interesting 40 minutes. I like Terry as a friend, and I would be very frightened of him as an enemy! He is an intelligent and charismatic talker, but you can tell there is a razor sharp mind at work. I am glad that I did not make becoming a criminal my career, the idea of having someone like Terry on my tail just makes me shudder.

You can listen to the whole interview here.

Blogger News is also happy to announce that while both Hunting The American Terrorist and Homeland Insecurity are available on Amazon, we have a special offer. We are offering them for sale with no Shipping and Handling charges. If you have not read these books, you should.

Simon Barrett


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