A R Antulay who is a minsiter in UPA Government caused an uproar in the Parliament by suggesting that Mr Karkare and his team were sent to confront terrorists at Cama Hospital instead of Taj purposely and killed.

Such a preposterous statement coming from Mr Antulay is a reflection of what the Congress Government has created in the last few years through its pseudo secularist policies.

Now the option available for Congress is to either accept Mr Antulay’s statement as a possibility and order an enquiry or dismiss him forthwith so that such obnoxious trouble makers do not represent the Government.

Given an opportunity, Mr Antulay may state that Kasab was an agent of Hindu outfits designated to kill Mr Karkare.

I think there is enough case to book Mr Antulay under the current laws itself for trying to create disharmony in the society.

I wish a PIL is filed by a public spirited lawyer to ensure that the irresponsible statements made by Mr Antulay are taken as an anti Indian statement and action sought. Otherwise his statements are likely to be used by Pakistan to support their fancy claim that Kasab is not a Pakistani. Perhaps they would also say that he is a citizen of India itself ! 

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