The world is a serious place, for the most part it is pretty darn depressing. Wars crop up all of the time, we watch the prelude, the main combat, and usually the rather ugly epilogue.

One only has to look at Iraq to see the truth in that comment. The same rings true in Afghanistan, it is all set for a major meltdown. Iran has A bomb dreams, Syria, well who knows what is going on. Israel and Palestine continue their global bickering. Japan and China are locking horns over some islands that no-one cares about, never mind pronounce the name. Russia and Ukraine are bent out of shape over Crimea.

That is just a few of the global conflicts and disasters currently in play. The world we live in is not a happy place. We just don’t seem to be able to get along with each other. I find it odd. I like most people, I could care less if they are Black, White, Yellow, or are Green with Purple spots. Why can’t we all just get along?

Obviously I can do little to fix global unity.  Instead I offer up a ten year old classic. Badger Badger Badger.

The badgers are united, why can’t we be?

Sure there will be the occasional Snake and Mushroom, but they should not be able to disrupt the entire planet. Obviously Badgers, Snakes and Mushrooms have different social mores, or in the case of Mushrooms, Spores.

I don’t  honestly believe that the world is as divided as we are led to think. It is a planet mostly populated with dancing Badgers. There are of course a few Mushrooms (clouds) North Korea and Iran, and a few Snakes, Russia and possibly China. But most of the world is populated by happy Badgers.

I am pretty certain the Badgers are going to win!

Simon Barrett

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