A psycho president Jammeh-A Reader’s ViewPoint!
A psycho president Jammeh

“Jammeh is severely derelict; and assuming faux powers cannot mask is massive ineptitude.”Says A Reader.

“We will be doing a great disservice to our motherland, if we just sat back and watch a psycho plunder our beloved country.”

By Fireh XS

Editor, From right here in Raleigh, please allow me space to add my two cents to some of the strange happenings emanating from our beloved Gambia recently. Of all the online publications that have cropped up with a focus on, and target-audience of, Gambia and Gambians, I  find yours to be most serious, credible and worthy. Please keep up the good work and do consider publishing my piece, hereunder. I have decided to use a pseudonym to avoid the possibility of retribution not to me, but to those I care about. If you will, for publication purposes please use Fireh XS as my byline for this opinion piece. Thank you in advance for your services to our country. The claim by President Yahya Jammeh to have divine HIV and Asthma healing powers would be a tad laughable — if not outright comical — but for the gravity of its possible consequences. The president’s absurd and recklessness behaviour constitutes homicidal negligence in that it puts lives at risk.

With Amin-like grandstanding and posturing that’s become is idiosyncrasy during his 12 years in power, the dictator gathered foreign diplomats at State House on January 18, to announce “a mandate” he’d been given to “treat publicly” asthmatic and HIV/Aids patients. Setting out the ground rules for his secret mandate, the president warned of a price he would pay, if he were to go beyond the mandate. The president said he’s set up regular clinics on Thursdays and Saturdays to be aided by a “team of doctors” who would not “sabotage my treatment.”

At a glance, the president’s deviant actions smack of a cheap publicity stunt. That’s scantly surprising, given Jammeh’s penchant for grandiosity and pomp on one hand, and his bloated sense of self-worth on the other. Already, he enjoys absolute monopoly of the limelight in the Gambia; state-controlled media covers all of the president’s movement in stomach-turning detail – all, it seems, except his nakedness in the lavatory. It’s not entirely incredulous to think that the president, in is latest foolishness, is eyeing for higher recognition and media spotlight – perhaps beyond Gambia’s borders. After all, he has of late been something of a pariah; ostracized and abandoned. Upon closer, more careful scrutiny, however, the president’s aberrant antics indeed represent a quest for attention; no, not of the kind provided by the feloniously complicity Jammeh-owned Daily Observer or other government-controlled media.

What Jammeh needs, judging by his latest inanities, is more helpful attention: medical attention, that is. Urgently, too! Yes, the president cries. Far from healing, President Jammeh’s oddities constitute a cry – a desperate call for help that all Gambians and Gambia-lovers will do well to heed. The outrageous claims to supernatural ability is symptomatic of severe mental degradation –even out-and-out derangement — on the part of the president that if not checked will spell disaster for our wonderful little country, if not for greater humanity. What is the real significance of Jammeh’s alleged healing powers? Let us, for mere argument shake, accept Jammeh’s claim (I know it is so much to ask, but just work with me here, if you will). According to his mandate – and don’t ask me from whom? Only God knows! – he is only allowed to treat 10 Aids patients per week, on Thursdays.

While the Asthma medication can be mass-produced and distributed internationally, the Aids cure would remain secret and known to him alone. Now take the high infection rate in Africa and juxtapose that with a mere 10 treatments a week. Or better still, what hope should any of the 38.6 million people around the world living with Aids have of benefiting from Jammeh’s clinic? What is the ethic behind holding useful information – in this case the alleged Aids cure – that’s potentially holds the key to alleviating the suffering of millions of around the globe? How could Jammeh morally justify the fact that while multitudes of Aids patients are dying each day, he holds the cure and limits it to treating 10 patients a week? That he’d pay a price for going beyond his mandate! Who are you kidding, Dr. Jammeh?

What’s more, whatever time the president spends in this empty pet foolery of a weekly clinic, is valuable time diverted from the serious consideration of other burning national problems that need urgent political and governmental intervention to stop the rut: Education, employment, health care, the economy, and agriculture – improving the standard of living of all Gambians is what political leader do.

It is not the president’s job to treat individual patients; it is, however, his job to watch over overall health care policy and strategy that will ensure a healthier populace. Such is the reason why even trained medical doctors who happened to be political leaders would set aside professional medical practice and assume their new civic responsibilities. Jammeh is severely derelict; and assuming faux powers cannot mask is massive ineptitude. And what happened to doctor-patient confidentiality? Why should poor and desperate patients have to be subjected to the unnecessary, un-called for humiliation of “public treatment” for a disease that already elicits enough social stigmas for its victims? Jammeh’s pseudo-Aids/Asthma clinic is just that; it is Jammeism at its worst. It has all to do with his selfish, insatiable appetite for self-aggrandizement and nothing to do with medical relief for sufferers of deadly ailments.

Any political leader who preys on the woes of the afflicted, abuses the weak and powerless and belittles the poor for cheap personal gain, as Jammeh is unconscionably doing; has to be sick in the head, and in need of urgent psychiatric help himself. Anyone who doubts Jammeh’s declining mental state of being needs to look at the evidence: his erratic behavior in hiring and firing top level government officials on the spot; his paranoia and insecurity demonstrated by cooked-up allegations of coup plots and subsequent purges of innocent people; his violent tantrums as evident in the April 10 killings of almost a dozen peaceful student demonstrators and the ruthless and systematic witch-hunt of opponents – largely perceived – such as the late Deyda Hydara.; delusional behavior as in calling himself a doctor; and stating the Gambia has large deposits of oil despite clear and obvious evidence to the contrary; his utter irrationality in expelling the highly-regarded U.N. envoy who questioned his claims. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. If this is not utter lunacy, I don’t know what is. Sadly, the president is not alone in his pathetic state of mind. Either out of cowardice or being cowed by fear, the national media acts as co-conspirators to the president’s self-destruction; and, in so doing, contributing to the calamitous consequences of leadership ineptitude at the very helm of our dear nation’s ship of state.

Take the Daily Observer, for instance. When a Senegalese doctor dared challenge the results of Jammeh’s so-called treatments, the once-esteemed paper called her “professionally dishonest.” Reporting on the U.N envoy expelled by Jammeh for warning that the president’s claim would promote risky behavior by people, since they might believe they’ve been cured, the Observer blame her for “irresponsible behavior.” No one is guiltier of professional dishonesty or irresponsibility than the Daily Observer. It seems the brain of the editors there have ossified; their guts — if they have any — liquidated by the tyrants sheer monstrosity. On one hand one cannot but pity them for being constantly fearful of that madman, hence going to ridiculous lengths of self-censorship to ingratiate him.

On the other hand, one just wonders why these journalists (if they can be called that) cannot just do the honorable thing; to quietly resign, as a noble few have already done, and preserve the only worthy cloth a person ever has, his/her dignity. The Observer’s (and other media’s) cowardly — make that dastardly — role as Jammeh’s parrotty sycophants is nauseating — it sickens to the stomach. It’s time to stop this mass of filth that is Jammeh and his cohorts. And yes, it’s gets personal. Our country stands at the brink and everything we so dearly love – our family and friends, our wealth, our roots, our identity and our very soul – heck, everything we care for still rests and resides in that country. We may be in the Diaspora, but our hearts remain back home. As the very cream of our country’s human resources, we will be doing a great disservice to our motherland, if we just sat back and watch a psycho plunder our beloved country. Let set’s speak up! It’s the very least we can do for Dear Gambia.

Editors Note:Thanks Mr. or Mrs.Ferex for the complements. For the sake of clarity, we want to acknowledge the fact that other Gambian online papers are also doing a pretty good job. We are together in this struggle to enlighten our people about Jammeh’s despotism and cruel rule.

We at Freedom are not in the business of making our own report cards- that’s to say blowing our own trumphet. We leave the rest to  our esteem readers like your calbare to air your views about Freedom and what direction you want us to operate on. We value views of our readers, but that does not necessarily mean that such views represent the position of Freedom.

We try to listen to different viewpoints to chart way forward to improve the paper’s content and administrative procedures. We thank you for your kinds comments. Be rest assured that, Freedom is here to meet the needs and aspirations of its readers. Have a great day.

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