Obama and McCain seem to be slugging it out to see who can be the sleaziest.  In my simplistic mind this is a bad move. What happened to the concept of being on the high ground, and staying there?

Pretty much the electoral process has degenerated into what seems to be an eternity of mud wrestling. Maybe the lead actors involved are not the main plot drivers, it is members of their organization, but they certainly are doing little to stop it. The 2008 election has turned into a fiasco that even a soap opera writer could not conceive of.

The voting public is for the most part pretty sensible. it breaks down into 4 groups. The died in the wool Democrat that would vote for Charlie Manson if he was on the ticket. The Republicans are just as bad, you could put someone slightly right wing of Adolf Hitler on the ticket and they would vote for him!

The third group are the folks that support the fringe parties.

These three groups have very different views, but in reality they cancel each other out. For every Obama supporter there is a McCain advocate. The election is actually decided by a very small percentage of the voting population. The ‘undecided’ are who make the decision. And the ‘Undecided’ are the ones that are looking at the huge pile of BS being put out by both camps.

Gone are the days that you vote for someone because they represent something positive, today you vote for the guy that you least dislike. I am apolitical, party labels mean little to me. My apathy stems from the fact that neither party has anything unique to offer. It does not matter who wins, it is just another four years of BIG GOVERNMENT.

There is a saying, ‘Don’t throw stones if you live in a glass house’. Yet these Jokers, and it  doesn’t matter what party label, just love to sling dirt. The race card, the war issue, Oh and the ever popular abortion issue. The war mongers love to harp on about the ‘war on drugs’ and ‘the war on terror’, yet it seems to me that precious little has actually been achieved. Capitol Hill is too busy feathering its own nest to actually do anything for the guy  in the street. Various news organizations have been picking on VP wannabe Palin and her ‘bridge to nowhere’ comment. Sure she supported it, it was pork for Alaska, but Palin is no worse than any of the others. Show me a politician and I’ll show you a crook!

Election 2008 has brought the worst of the worst out for a feeding frenzy. They have raised, and spent many millions of dollars. Those millions of dollars could have fed many hungry mouths in America. Those millions could have done something useful rather than lining the pockets of the hangers on and other hacks associated with the process.

Of course spending money on ‘real problems’ is not as much fun as making ad’s trashing the other candidate. Spending money saving lives by creating affordable housing and medical care is not as sexy as having some big convention in Denver or Minneapolis!

The Obama’s, the McCain’s, and the rest of their groupies, live in a world that the rest of us do not. It is time that US politics were returned to the people.

Simon Barrett


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