Background on the story here. The woman was clearly not your average American Mom.

The person who gathered the pictures suspects that the photographer was “Frank”, Obama’s Communist “mentor”. As do many bloggers (e.g. here), he suspects that Frank was in fact Obama’s father. The two look alike. So how to establish who took the pictures? The floor in the photo may give a clue. It looks like Oregon pine, which is an unusual flooring material. That may jog some memories somewhere. Secondly, there seems to be an address associated with one of the pictures: 6035 Kalanianaole Hwy. Maybe some GOP enthusiasts in Hawaii would like to look into it.

So if the pictures CAN be linked to “Frank”, it would strongly suggest that he had an intimate relationship with the young woman and Obama could be the fruit of that. In that case we would have a Presidential candidate who is the offspring of a Communist and a slut. It would be much to Obama’s credit to have risen above that but because personality traits are highly heritable it would also cast further doubts on his character.

Obama has made two trips to Hawaii during his candicacy and many bloggers link that to his refusal to produce his original birth certificate. They suspect that there is a quiet battle going on somewhere in Hawaii to have it altered. If the original shows Frank as the father, that would all fall into place.

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