Pols Debate Future of Hastert

Is there something else we have to do, other than vote for some well-adjusted adults, to get some representatives (and senators, too!) who can bring themselves to act like grownups? You would think after l’affaire Lewinsky, and Gerry Studds sexual mis-adventure with a page, that the phrase “Hands Off the Underage Help” would be written across the eaves in three-foot letters, and Mr. Hastert wouldn’t need any encouragement to slap Rep. Foley across the pee-pee (metaphorically speaking) and tell him to please pursue his jollies with more age-appropriate playfellows, and ones that didn’t work for him. You can argue all you like about a 16 year old being of the age of consent, but to most of us who have raised children, a person of that age is not, repeat, is not an appropriate partner for a person twice or three times their age. And if Mr. Hastert needs reminding of this, perhaps he, like a lot of others, has been in Washington way to long.

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Sgt. Mom is a free-lance writer and retired Air Force NCO who blogs at The Daily Brief, and lives in San Antonio with a number of badly behaved dogs and well-behaved cats

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