The Government of India has done what best could be done at the present circumstances.

It has decided on the appointment of three eminent persons to the Board of Satyam. The three persons nominated are Mr Kiran Karnik of Nasscom, Mr Deepak Parekh of HDFC and Mr C Achyutan of  SEBI. They represent the IT industry, the institutional investors and investor interests.

This development must be hailed as a good move which has the potential of giving confidence to Satyam customers and if the customer support is ensured, the Company has enough strength not only to come out of the current crisis but also meet its liabilities lurking around the corner.

Yes, investors will have to wait for at least three more years in the minimum to see the shares come back to a healthy zone and employees may also have to wait for promotions and salary increases, but if things are handled properly from now on, the dooms day predictions may not be required.

And that is a cheerful news under the circumstances.

All the best Satyam!

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