It is a very sad day. On Feb/28 2017 Mrs Boris gave birth to 8 pups. But before I tell you about today I should start at the beginning. Late in 2016 we moved into a rental property on 3 acres of land. Unlike most rentals that forbid pets this one came with them built in. Two large Pitbulls and a couple of cats.

No-one told me their names so I called them Mr and Mrs Boris, you would have to have read Le Carrie’s fine novel Tinker,Tailor, Soldier, Spy to understand. I found out later that their names were Patches and Kilo, but it was too late, in my mind they would be forever Mr and Mrs Boris. Mr Boris got Mrs Boris in the family way and disappeared.

I do not believe he was trying to avoid puppy support payments, rather I suspect foul play. I base that conclusion on the fact that weeks later a skull turned up in the front yard and it still had some hair attached. It is my belief that Mrs Boris brought it, a way to bring her partner home.

Mrs Boris got bigger and bigger on the night of Feb/28 she went missing, it was puppy time and she wanted to be alone. It took a couple of days to find her ‘nest’ under one of our next door neighbors sheds. Boy were they mad when they found out! Mrs Angry “Come look at this”! I did and there were 8 little heads poking out, eyes and ears closed. Mrs Angry told me in no uncertain terms that she was pissed off.

I relocated the pups to the back deck and so started 8 weeks of mayhem

At the outset, my favorite was the runt, a very pretty brindle. She may have been small but she was a bundle of trouble. If the pups were up to no good you could bet that she was the ring leader.

The other pups went to good homes, but I just could not part with the little monster. The back deck is my office and it was where Mrs Boris and her evil offspring hung out. For months every day I went through the same ritual. Open the back door and hear the thump of paws, followed by a puppy mugging.

I learned early on that sometimes I could make it to my desk before she could spot me from the garden. This was the most dangerous situation. Running at full tilt, ears flapping it was vitally important to make sure that you had your knees closed! The under the table charge would bring tears to the hardest man. Balls were not designed for high speed attacks by Pitbull puppies.

I never thought I would say this, but never again will the Pup try and damage my reproductive system

A few days ago Pup found and ate some rat poison. I thought she was OK but after three days she started to act a little strange. She always sleeps by my chair, but somehow she seemed more needy, sitting and nudging my leg with her nose.

Yesterday there was something wrong. She rarely moved from my side, but I had confidence in my feisty little friend. How many dogs do you know that eat beer cans? Actually eat is the wrong word, shred is a better word, I have kept a piece.

Today was one of the saddest in my life. I won’t go into details, it was not a nice thing. She managed to sit up and rest her head one last time on my leg. I have not cried since I was a kid, but watching Pup yowl in pain and watch the life slip from her took me to a place where it was hard to talk to even my wife.

Yes there is a part 2 to the story, but I can’t write it now.

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