Well, since the Fox News story that covered my G.I. Joe report on how Paramount studios is eviscerating the iconic American character G.I. Joe, turning him into some neutered international U.N-like operative, I thought I’d follow up a bit with an effort by a Mr. Michael Carvajal who has created an effort to petition Hasbro to put a halt to this bastardization of our “real American hero.”

Please go and sign the petition and let Hasbro know where you stand.

Petition to boycott Hasbro and Paramount Pictures for selling out G.I. Joe as a non American hero

To: Hasbro and Paramount Films

Petition to boycott Hasbro and Paramount Pictures for selling out G.I. Joe as a non American hero.

I as well as millions of others have watch G.I. Joe as children. We have looked up to them as a great American Hero. Now Hasbro and Paramount pictures are bowing to pressure and stripped G.I. Joe’s identity. They will no longer be know as the “Great American Hero” but rather a global operation force with anti-U.S. military point of views.

Think this is bad enough? Here is another low blow. G.I. Joe is now an acronym “Global Integrated Joint Operating Entity.”

What exactly are there reasoning behind this? In interviews it was due to marketing problems involving G.I. Joe’s connection to the U.S. military.
I say so what. Did they not know what movie license they bought?

Should the next Rocky movie depict Rocky Balboa as a generic mix breed immigrant?
Should Captain American be brought back to life as Captain U.N.?
Should Tony Montana in Scarface be remade as a white meth dealer?

Please sign the petition and let these companies know that our childhood heroes G.I. Joe should not be sold out.

Well, there you have it. click on the link and give Hasbro a message from Americans who don’t wish their childhood heroes destroyed by anti-Americanism.

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