I think God gave me this great filter switch in my head that allows me to zone out and enjoy most movies regardless of the eye rolling moments and huge plot holes. Granted I am quick to point these out and seldom do I forgive the film maker for them, but in a film like A PERFECT GETAWAY you almost have to over look them and go along for the ride!
The story revolves around a honey moon couple who set off for a Hawaiian getaway. When they learn that another vacationing newlywed duo has been viciously murdered they become leery of everyone on the island. Especially the new couple they are sharing a deserted hiking trail with.
It is a film full of suspicions. I found myself second guessing everything and everyone. As soon as I thought I had it figured out I would decide i was wrong and start eyeing another character. That is one part of A Perfect Getaway that did work. The other was the acting. For a simple thriller I thought each person brought their A-Game. Steve Zahn is always funny and quirky. He plays the sarcastic almost humbled character nicely. But there is no doubt that Timothy Olyphant stole the film. His off the wall, ex marine, BS-er was funny and off balance enough to make you always wonder who or what he really is.
What didn’t work was the outlandish story line and hodgepodge of filming styles. The writers had a great idea but no idea how to get there cleanly. They expect the audience to buy into their story with no regard to huge hole we all just fell in. Sure it didn’t take away from the heart racing moments and jump out of your seat reactions throughout. But I would rather spend the moments afterwards relishing these instead of questioning all the other.
A Perfect Getaway is rated R for graphic violence, language including sexual references and some drug use. As far as thrillers go it tones down most of the violence until the end. Even then there really is no gratuitous blood and guts. The sexual dialogue is a one liner and other than that and a brief nude male bootie it is a decent film. I only gibe it 3 out of 5 missing teeth but at the same time think it could be a very, very fun date movie for you and your other. Just make sure you are willing to let a few things slide and enjoy the ride. So says Matt Mungle

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