If you are in command of 29,000 men and only face 1 million, and that million is led by someone who is desperate, aggressive, and is a newly minted member of the nuclear warfare commun?
    Well, if you are Bell, you let the world know you can …”decisively defeat any North Korean attack…”  At least he is confident. As well he should be since “U.S. forces have been well-trained to confront nuclear, biological and chemical threats. “
        I for one would love to see the training video that inspired such confidence. “Well, if they only send 10% of their available manpower against us and we upgrade the cooks from carrying potato peelers to packing steak knives, just like that we cut the odds to 10 to 1. If they drop a nuke, just huddle under your desk and put your arms over your head. Don’t worry boys, we have the situation well under control.”
     Exactly what CAN you train people to do against a nuclear bomb? Stick your hands in your pockets, whistle, and pretend it doesn’t exist?
   But hey, I am killing the mood. Bell should be commended for his very realistic, albeit somewhat optimistic view of the future should Korea return to a war zone. Good luck with that, Mr. Bell, let me know how it works out for you.

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