By Honey Gillard

Everyone from here to Woop Woop land knows of the hilarious antics of funnyman Ben Stiller, some of us get him and some of us dont, as is to be expected. But for those of whom do get him or even just merely like his style, I’d recommend this movie.

Whether it’s been dealing with the in-laws, being a rediculousely good looking male model or being a zebra on a deserted island, Stiller has always rolled through the night and kept us laughing till the sun came up. We could always count on him to make us laugh.

‘Night at the museum’ is centred around a recently unemployed and divorced father, Larry (Stiller) who in an effort to maintain dignity from his son takes up a seemingly easygoing job as a night guard at the ‘Museum of natural history’. Little does he know that things do go ‘bump’ in the night.

With an all-star funny cast, including Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson, Robin Williams and Dick Van Dyke, this movie is guaranteed to keep laughing from the very start of the film to very finish (and maybe even longer).

Not only is this movie a top choice for the kids or whole family but it’s right up in the top slot for anyone who jsut generally is looking for some good laughs. This movie is pure ENTERTAINMENT! in caps lock, with an exclamation mark and in bold.

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