Well, Elections are finally over and we begin the task of changing our government.

I am so tired of ads in which candidates attack the character of others. People should just tell their voters what they stand for and what plans they have for our future. I don’t care what a candidate did in college or at a party. If they are on the ballot and have a good idea what to do, that is good enough for me. It is time for a change, and I look forward to what is ahead.

This morning I thought about stem cell research and wondered why people are against it. If this research could help millions of Americans, why is it bad for the future? I do understand the arguments against cloning, but this program doesn’t suggest the cloning of human beings, but cloning of cells needed to fix inoperative cells. If we can advance our nation through science, then we should. In order to protect our families’ well-being and health, we should continue to strive forward. I don’t want anyone to suffer. With the information we have today, it is beyond me why anyone would object.

I think back in our nation’s history when science was involved creating a bomb used to kill millions of people. No one prevented that from happening and now we have a surplus of nuclear weapons which can easily destroy the world in which we live.

I am totally against everything concerning the ideology of the war. Terrorism comes from a belief; it is not a tangible object that you can fight against. Imagine, if you will, you meet someone who personally hates your guts, despises everything you stand for and wouldn’t shed a tear if you were harmed. Do you have the right to kill them? Or harm them? No, you don’t. It is against the law. But if they harm you, you can then file charges against them. It is the same as what is going on in Iraq. They would not be killing our soldiers if we weren’t there, period. We are supplying targets and that is all.

The government wants to keep the soldiers there for a long period of time. We need to come up with a different plan. What plan? Maybe sending in enough troops to kill every man in the country and their sons, so we can be protected from terrorism. What about the women? What if they pick up arms? Kill them, too! Then move to another country and begin extermination to rid the evil thoughts against us. It is the only way we can be safe from terrorism. Does that make sense? No.

We actually are the lucky ones because other nations have been affected by terrorism on their own soil for years. We could learn from them. But we won’t because it is all about the oil and the Carter doctrine. Research it and you will be amazed at what the truth is.

Saddam Hussein was sentenced to hang after being convicted of the deaths of Shiite Muslims; he remains on trial for his accused role in the genocide of Iraqi Kurds. CLAP! CLAP! But, don’t be too quick to celebrate. Did you think our government wasn’t aware of these acts when they were committed? Where did the president of Iraq get his military equipment at that time? Were you not aware of his relationship with the United States? Did you not realize that we supplied the dictator with some of his advanced weaponry? We did. We even assisted him to come into power by helping him overthrow the previous dictator. The United States is not innocent in this whole situation.

As a matter of fact we did the same thing with Vietnam. That dictator turned on us and we found ourselves fighting a war against Communism. We never defeated Communism, because it is a belief and you cannot change this with war.

So while we are in a worthless war, genocide is occurring all over Africa. We as a nation think it is okay to deliver just medicines and food. How shallow has the United States become? The countries in Africa need military support now, and maybe then we can change the climate of anger in Africa. But one thing is certain: If Africa had something we needed, we would have been there years ago.

In our society today, we should have free health care. The United States is one of the richest countries in the world but we cannot take care of our own. This is shameful, and every American should do something to change it.

Also, the government should replenish the Social Security fund and pay all the unpaid benefits to the families. It is not the government’s money. It is a retirement plan that the government created for its citizens. The money comes from our own pockets in order for us to have something for the future. But, honestly, the government bets that you will die before you receive the full amount paid into the program. So at 65 they begin giving you the money – a stipend to cover basic needs each month. But when you pass away, the government is not accountable for the remainder. We need a Social Security Fund Makeover, not to privatize it as suggested by the current government. Many families are owed money. We need to correct the problems by holding the government accountable for how it spends our Social Security money. If they do privatize it, you will not receive everything you put in it. There will be a penalty for withdrawal, guaranteed.

I understand my thoughts may differ from the norm. I hope to touch some with my passion. We have to hold our elected officials accountable for their actions. I have shared my beliefs and hope you will share yours. We need an open dialog!

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