and it’s a tidal wave of hookers…

Business is booming for the gals in the French Quarter, even though police are making more arrests than ever. With roughly 50,000 construction workers in town, post-Katrina, and all with more than enough cash to burn, the influx of street walkers ready to sell their wares makes the California Gold Rush look dull by comparison.

The Ladies of the Evening have always been a New Orleans fixture, it wasn’t called the Big Easy for no reason. Ok, I know, there were other reasons for the name, but this one fits with the story, so go with it, and write me letters about something else.

To make things even better for the world’s oldest profession, available jail space in town is almost nil, so the girls that do get pinched don’t even spend a night in the lockup, they get a municipal summons, no different than a parking ticket.

You might think the city fathers wouldn’t want this to get out, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was ‘leaked’. The Quarter thrives on tourism, and if this story gets wings, look for convention bookings to increase exponentially.

Reference: The Times-Picayune

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Reprinted from Exit 4

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