The press has been full of the antics of Jose Baez for weeks. Generally I read the silly stories and move on. This is a guy that has the credibility of  Jello nailed to the ceiling. The sad story about the death of two year old Caylee Anthony should not be a subject of money. But it is, rumors are flying faster in this case than nerds talking about the next big announcement from Intel.

As a reporter I will admit to bias, we all have it, maybe we all do not admit to it. Well folks, I am going to fess up, I am biased. The good news is that I have an editor that is not. (oops that would be me)

I believe it was in a Le Carre book that the classic phrase was used “I wish I had a daughter so I could prevent her marrying this guy”. Jose Baez has no credibility.

But, if reports are true, Jose Baez is making a few dollars teaching others. Now I have nothing against private enterprise, and clearly Jose needs to pay his light bill. What does concern me slightly is that FMAU would actually pay this guy. Sure I could see him as a Wal-Mart greeter, maybe even bagging at my local grocery store. Teaching is a whole different game. Someone that teaches takes on a responsibility. I know, because I did it.

I find it incredulous that some one like Jose Baez, who has something like three years of bar experience, and significant bad results on serious cases would be offered a trip on the Gravy Train. There again, the cloistered world of academia is nearly as stupid as the legal one.

Simon Barrett

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