Mr. Mbye, could you pass the following message to Muhammed Jawara your Associate Editor.
Dear Brother in the Struggle,
Thanks for the immense job you are doing and I have no doubt you will continue to do. Communicatin they say is the disemination of information from a sender to a receiver. The communication is termed complete when the receiver receives the message and understands what it means.
May I point out an fobservation I saw in your last article. It was full of high sounding words which of course leave many readers like me not actually getting the message. I am not sure of your background but if I am right, you to be a reporter for Observer. I suggest that you replace high sounding words with simple words so your readers can get the message.
A message is well communicated when it is easily understood. I had to turn to my dictionary each time i came to one of your words which could have been substituted by a simple word. When we communicate, the intent is not to show how much of the English man’s high words we know but how effective we can use simple words to pass a message.
I am sure even your friend you are writing to,may equally have a hard time understanding your letter to him. Just my observation and keep up the good work. Have a nice day.
Town Crier.. Your brother in the struggle for the freedom of our people.
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