By Hammadi Maasina Security and Political Affairs Correspondent.

Reading through the piece on Sheriff Bojang Jr,was no doubt another poisonous feeling in the hearts of those who know how much evil the Jammeh regime is. In the minds of those who care for social justice Sheriff Bojang another prey of the evil plans emanating from Yahya Jammeh and his so-called evil messengers. Even if there are enemies of Bojang at the Gambian mission in London which may include the high commissioner himself,let them be so careful of starting a dirty fight.

High commissioner Jallow has to be very very careful of starting these type of games at this hour. Let him remember that he was fired and rehired. Let him remember that he was in London and was heard and seen. He knows what he has been saying and what he has been doing while he was fired and disgraced. Thanks to people like Yankuba Touray he was welcome back.After all Uncle Tam,you have disgraced decent people by accepting to sneak back into a circle you called an evil circle for months. It is indeed unheard of to see High commissioner Tamsir Jallow being named in such evil plans. Why Uncle Tam? Why would you stop so low? Please remember that Baba Jobe is gone. Please remember that Daba Marenah is gone. Please remember that so many have left the scene. Are you getting wiser as you are growing older? Growing older is natural not a choice but being wise is a choice. You can choose to ignore decency because of greed and comfort but please never come back to people crying for help when the Kanilai adder strikes again with its reddish fangs. Do not!

High commissioner Jallow today you can facilitate and coordinate for people like Sheriff Bojang Jr to be deported in chains and pain but never forget that your files with the Sieraleonean Lawyer are fresh in our shelves. Yes there are people in Swindon who can get you fired right away. We know your secrets and have been sympathetic because you have a family to feed. However,if you want to start helping Yahya Jammeh chop the limbs of innocent Gambians then get ready for a very dirty fight too. It will not take us too long to twist Yahya’s sick head against charlatans. Are you a charlatan? As at now we are yet to think you are one but if ever it is established that Sheriff finally reached The Gambia then Mr Jallow stand by and get ready for severe reactions. There is an International movement that sees no good in Yahya Jammeh’s regime. This movement will never resort to arms struggle but will resort to using words and wisdom until Yahya is buried or put in chains with the help of God. We are not day dreamers either because we know that the tree of freedom is always watered by the blood of noble men and women.

Do not start a dirty fight Tamsir Jallow.Do not! It may end up finishing you for  ever.Why would people watch you, who was being helped during your bad days with Yahya Jammeh turn around only to sacrifice innocent souls? Of course not!
Tamsir you have disgraced the tomb of Nkrumah of Ghana. You have betrayed a genuine and noble course of freedom fighters. You have spewed and then eaten what you spewed. Even if it worths resigning then so be it but why would you stoop this low? Even not for Sheriff Bojang’s case there have been people murmuring about your sudden u-turn and how you are compromising them for your own comfort and greed. Tamsir in as much as you want your daughters to thrive remember that people want their loved ones to be free from Yahya Jammeh’s callous and mean heart too.
Remember Tamsir there are people who will never hesitate to fax all they know about you within a second if you choose to facilitate the deportation of Sheriff Bojang Jr.Stop your NIA mad dogs at the mission or you resign. If not you will end up regretting why you accepted the position once again.

The freedomnewspaper will send messages and faxes to the British High Commission on behalf of Sheriff Bojang Jr. He maybe the victim today but Yahya Jammeh could be the next online sooner than he expects it to happen.
Sheriff’s case is a motivating factor for others. This further justifies why Gambians have to understand that it is only us who can get Yahya out of that seat without sweet words. Yahya Jammeh has to be confronted at all cost. His departure can never be peaceful.
Infact this is why Yahya Jammeh has chosen not to congratulate President Abdoulie Wade during the first week of the man’s victory. Yahya is a pariah in that region. He is such a shameless person that it pains decent folks to see people like Tamsir Jallow trying to kill others for the sake of Yahya.

Did Tamsir read the New York Times? Yahya Jammeh has reached the highest heights of International disgrace. For sure he will not leave the seat of power peacefully.
Posted on Sunday, March 11, 2007 (Archive on Saturday, March 31, 2007)
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