The press is brimming with stories about manhunts waged by the various law agencies, You only have to think back to the Boston Bombing atrocity to see that, just about every three letter federal agency threw huge resources at the problem. Not so well covered are the hunts for more less well known criminals.

While I mean no disrespect to the hard working police, they have limited resources, the new crime takes precedent over the old crime.

The jails are full to capacity, so many people are permitted to escape incarceration while waiting for trial by being Bonded Out. But what happens when someone does not uphold the bond agreement and fails to show up in court or breaks some other condition of the bond agreement?

The world of bail bonds is complex, even the terminology is confusing to the man in the street. What if any is the difference between a Bounty Hunter and a Recovery Agent? Actually there is a legal difference.

The world of Bail Bonds is highly regulated as to what they can and cannot do. The laws vary widely from state to state

This week on the program I will be joined by veteran Bond Recovery Agent William Cobra Staubs, Scott Willis President and CEO of Palmetto Surety Corporation, and Rod Dowston the general agent for Surety 3.

This program will be of great interest to both the general public, you will get a peek at real life rather than what is often portrayed on cable TV. People in the bail bond industry are also encouraged to join us, with a great panel like this it will be a golden opportunity to ask questions as our phone lines will be open.

To listen in live please click here at 3pm eastern on Saturday Sept/13.

Simon Barrett




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