For years, fans of the Star Wars universe got their fix by reading a series of books wrapped around the aftermath of episode 6 (Return of the Jedi).
    An entire new universe opened up where Han and Leia got married and had kids, Luke started a Jedi academy, Wedge started two separate X-Wing squadrons, and the Empire waxed and waned from book to book and series to series. It was a way to keep a beloved universe alive and growing.
    After Lucas gave us Episodes 1 through 3 yet another series opened up as authors were able to work with large new amounts of backstory. But one thing has always been missing…the direct input of the universe creator himself, George Lucas.
    It looks like that might change. A new series based on the Clone Wars might be coming soon to a cartoon near you. 
    Of course, this is Hollywood, so don’t be certain you will see it until you see it flickering on screen, but at least Star Wars fans have something to look forward to in the further adventures of familiar characters and, it can be conjectured, some new ones who will probably become well loved. May the Force be with the show developers.

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