I’d like to say this is a book review, but it isn’t. Unless you are a fan of John Le Carre and his George Smiley books this book will bore you and confuse you. But if you are a fan of Smiley this is a must have.

Smiley was Le Carre’s go to character in his early books. The author started his career publishing two novella’s A Murder Of Quality and Call For The Dead. He used these books to flesh out the character. If you have not read them, you should.

A Legacy Of Spies is a great read. It is a portrait of Smiley as seen through the eyes of Smileys trusted junior colleague Peter Guillam. Years have passed, Peter is retired and is looking through old Circus files.

What I love is that A Legacy Of Spies connects with many of the early books and characters. Le Carre is the master of leaving frustrating loose ends. This book goes some way to clearing them up, or at least clarifying, or maybe obfuscating them, depending on how you look at it!

Le Carre has always been the master of character development and as I read this book, I could see the protagonists in my minds eye.

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