With an emphasis placed on the “play” part here, of course. The silly Kuchen(cake)-eaters. “I’m back” already, or what (of course he’s not German, but still)? Yeah, right.

If the results of a survey that only Germans could come up with are any indication (the title of the survey was “Who Rules the World”), Germany’s low-profile days on the international stage since World War II (and you can’t get much lower than that) may soon be coming to an end.

Fascinating and completely unexpected insights have come to light with this fascinating and completely unexpected survey. For instance: Germans, living in an economic powerhouse as military midgets (except when it comes to arms sales, of course), do not see military strength as an important quality of a world power. “When you look at what qualities Germans attribute to world powers, it comes down to political stability and economic strength.” Wow. Is this what they mean when they say checkbook diplomacy?

Or how about this one: Germans have now realized that they have something they call “a responsibility” (only one?) in this world (as in Planet Earth?) and that because of this, they are no longer absorbed strictly with themselves anymore really-honest-no-kidding. That’s cool, I guess. But in the same survey and breath they also insist that the UN and the EU are the ones who need to take on larger roles when it comes to doing the “peace and stability in the world” maintaining part, which neatly takes them right back out of the equation again.

But we still want to play, you guys. OK? Von mir aus (sure, for all I care). Hmmm. Could it be that the Germans want to have their Kuchen and eat it, too?

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