Have you ever read a book and questioned the words the author chose? In “A Holy Bloody Day” by newcomer Malachi Maynard, that’s exactly what I was asking. The diction in this book is horrible,  absolutely appalling actually. What is even worse is that the plot is really good.

This book starts out in a horrible fire-scorched placed filled with a lot of evil called Zenkallen, a map of which is in front of the book. The story takes place with three gods in this evil land. They are rebuilding their torn world and to aid in this they employ some very powerful mages. In order to set everything right and make it all as it was before the “Great War.” Interlaced in this power trip is the constant warring between the gods which drags on for pages as well. I wish there was more to this plot but sadly, there is not. This book had a lot of potential that was never capitalized on. Very sad.

This book is a really good prologue to the rest of the series and I hope that the remainder of the books goes better than this one.  I think the series has potential, especially for those who enjoy the now defunct Dungeons and Dragons series. However, the editors of this book need to seriously examine the diction of the sentences. Page after page it just all seems wrong and a bit forced. In my assessment, wait for the rest of the series.

However, if you feel the need its on Amazon

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