It is not often that I get to write a happy story, but today is the day. There is much to celebrate in our world if only we take time to appreciate it. The world is not all doom and gloom, occasionally good things happen.

I feel privileged by having talked to many people, For certain I cannot rival Larry King, I have not interviewed presidents, nor Royalty, but I have interviewed many people, both well known, and some not so well known.

I was delighted today when I heard from 60’s rocker Tommy Roe, he had decided to once more hit the music scene. He does not plan on playing a live gig everyday, but he is engaged in a limited series of performances. A great video of him in Edmonton from a couple of days ago shows it all:

Joining Tommy on stage was another musician that I have great respect for, Rick Levy. The energy that these two folks have is infectious.Tuesday is my wife Jans birthday. As a teen she was a huge fan of Tommy Roe. So as a special birthday present for her, he sent this short but very sweet message.

I am sure that I speak for all of our listeners and readers in joining Tommy in wishing you a wonderful and happy day.

BTW honey, you are claiming to be only 25, so how did you get to listen to Tommy in the 1960’s? Obviously someone is not being entirely truthful 🙂

Happy Birthday, and lets plan on many more together.

Simon Barrett

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