News Item:
Red Letter Day for Scarlet Knights

The oldest college football team won the newest bowl game last night when Rutgers University ran all over Kansas State.

Final score: 37 – 10.

This is a team that thought it should have been in the Orange Bowl, at least, and even had dreams of a Rose Bowl bid, but the powers-that-be decided those goals were a bit too lofty, and sent them to the never before played Texas Bowl instead.

The team wasn’t even given the dignity of a televised venue, until the NFL Network picked up the game.  The players in the red jerseys thought they deserved better, and went out last night to prove it.  This is a team that won 11 games for only the second time in school history, and that recent history includes losses by basketball standards: 61 – 0, 50 – 0, 42 – 0, and 80 – 7.  If we Philadelphia sports fans think we’ve had a lot to moan about lately, try waiting 137 years to be front page news.

Full Story: New York Times

Cartoon from Sid in the City

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