Barack Obama won more than half of the 22 Super Duper Tuesday states (12 to Hillary Clinton’s  8) – but Hillary’s wins came from such delegate-rich states as her adopted home state of NY, as well as CA, MA and NJ. Overall, 49 percent of voters supported Hillary, 46 percent supported Obama.

Since none of the contests are winner take all, the split decision gives neither Dem candidate true front-runner status, which means that they must continue to battle over every delegate in primaries and caucuses that will be held on February 9th (LA and NE), 10th (ME), 12th (Washington, D.C., MD and VA) and 19th (HI, WA and WI) – and TX and OH on March 4th.

Clinton also won her “other” home state of AR, as well as AZ (a swing state in 2000), OK and TN. In addition to his home state of IL (and Hillary’s childhood home), Obama won  the swing states CO and MN (the races in MO and NM are still too close to call as of this writing), as well as AL, DE, GA and KS.

As expected, Hillary overwhelmingly won the Hispanic vote – 60 percent overall – and Obama did even better among black voters – 82 percent overall. But Obama also did surprisingly well in states with few black voters, winning AK, CT, ID, ND and UT.

Class, gender and generation also played a role in the results, with Hillary winning blue collar whites in MA – despite Obama having been endorsed by the state’s governor and both senators -  and Obama winning the “latte liberal” and the youth vote in CT, home of Hillary’s alma mater, Yale.

Except in NY, Obama got more of the male vote than Hillary – but since 6 in 10 Dem voters were women, these votes did not impact the outcome in any states. The reverse was true of the female vote, with Hillary beating Obama by double-digit margins in OK (30 points), NY (26 points), MA (17 points) and NJ (10 points).

Obama won 56 percent of voters under 30 years of age, while Clinton was supported by 56 percent of those 60 years of age and older.

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