I’ve written a few posts about Suad Leija, the young woman who has provided a lot of the evidence leading to the recent arrests of the main players (jefes) involved in the largest counterfeit documents cartel operating in the United States and Mexico.  

These documents are sold to whoever has the money to buy them. Besides illegal immigrants, it’s safe to assume a portion of them have been sold to criminals and possibly even terrorists.

The cartel I’m referring to is known as the Castorena Leija-Sanchez organization.

According to ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement), this organization was making about $300 million a year selling counterfeit documents. If one were to consider that each one of these documents has a street price of about $100, this would mean they are responsible for about 60 million counterfeit documents being put in circulation.

If each person bought two of these counterfeit documents that would equate to about 30 million people, who have used these documents.

On the site PaperWeapons.net — Suad’s husband, who uses the pseudonym of Lazarus — has put up a video with a few questions directed at Governor Eliot Spitzer (NY) regarding his intent to issue driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants.

You might want to know what the Castorena Leija-Sanchez and Eliot Spitzer have in common? The answer is that counterfeit documents issued by the Castro Leija-Sanchez organization will probably be used to establish the identifying information for the driver’s licenses in New York State.

When this happens, we will have a lot of legitimately issued driver’s licenses with not very legitimate information on them!

Here are the questions, which have been made into a video and released on YouTube:

1. Is Governor Spitzer replacing the members of the Castorena Leija-Sanchez organization by providing identification documents to people, who have broken the law?

2. Is a public official, who is sworn to uphold the laws of the United States and the State of New York aiding in the commission of criminal activity by providing documents that support illegal immigration?

3. If it is Governor Spitzer’s sworn duty to uphold the law should the people he serves insist his driver’s license is taken away and he be impeached?

4. Is it fair for Governor Spitzer to break the law to get votes?

5. Since this card identifies the holder as someone, who has broken the law is it a get out of jail free card?

When law enforcement personnel discover that a illegal immigrant has broken the law, they are supposed to report them to the federal authorities. This is so they can be deported. Unless I’m missing something in all the hype that has resulted from this issue, this license will clearly identity the holder as a illegal alien.

If I were an illegal immigrant, I might be worried that if the political climate shifted, the licenses might be used to track down and deport people. Most of them are probably going to continue to use counterfeit documents that will not identify them as people, who are breaking the law.

Some of these concepts might be confusing to the average person, who has had the pleasure of living in a sanctuary city.

In a sanctuary city, the politicians tell the police not to ask any questions about a suspect’s immigration status. In other words, they are directed to bury their heads in the sand on this law. Sadly enough, this is also the case when illegal immigrants are arrested for serious crimes.

Here is a story from CBS5.com about an attorney (David Klehm), who is suing the San Francisco PD for not reporting illegal aliens. The same attorney has filed similar law suits in Los Angeles and San Jose.

The problem with issuing any identification document for a person — who has entered the country illegally — is how we know the document they are using to get a legitimate ID is in fact legitimate, itself.

This explains how most of the 9-11 terrorists managed to operate pretty freely before committing their heinous crime.

Most of the 9-11 hijackers used counterfeit documents, sometimes known as feeder documents to get legitimate driver’s licenses. Feeder documents are documents that are used to obtain legitimate documents. The goal of most people using counterfeit documents is to eventually get legitimate documents.

I doubt seriously that issuing driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants is going to stop their primary goal, which is to establish themselves as legitimate citizens.

In 2004, Congressman Ed Royce made the following statement about provisions being stripped from the 9/11 bill regarding border security:

The 19 9/11 hijackers had 63 validly issued U.S. driver’s licenses between them. What were they using that many for? They were moving around the country undetected and plotting and planning. In fact, as many as eight of them were even registered to vote. They then used those bogus licenses to board U.S. planes.

Congressman Royce further put things into perspective by saying:

Driver’s licenses were the 9/11 terrorists’ license to kill and to kill massively. We know that.

“They had 63 of these driver’s licenses between them, for the 19 of them. And these identification documents gave these hijackers unfettered access to nearly everything they needed to plan and carry out their attacks on Washington, D.C. and on New York City. And the identification cards also allowed them to remain in the country with the appearance of legitimacy long after their visas had expired and their presence in the United States became illegal.

These provisions, designed to protect our borders were taken out of the bill despite the fact that 87 percent of the public supported having them included.

On a personal level, I’m more worried about National Security than anything else, but there are a lot of people saying these driver’s licenses enable voter fraud, also.

The Wall Street Journal published an editorial by John Fund on November 2nd, which explains this better than I can.

The editorial states one reason some politicians might be in favor of handing out these driver’s licenses:

The background here is the National Voter Registration Act, commonly known as “Motor Voter,” that President Bill Clinton signed into law in 1993. It required all states to offer voter registration to anyone getting a driver’s license. One simply fills out a form and checks a box stating he is a citizen; he is then registered and in most states does not have to show any ID to vote.

Come to think of it, there has been a lot of controversy this week about how Bill’s better half answered some questions regarding this issue.

Perhaps, she can help Eliot answer the questions posed to him? After all, they both represent the great State of New York. Her answers have seemed to get a lot of attention already.

The problem of illegal immigration isn’t going to be easily fixed. Granting driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants adds fuel to an already out of control fire we are facing in this country. This is especially true when we lack the means to verify exactly, who they are in the first place.

The bottom line is that it enables more serious crimes than illegal immigration and our politicians have a sworn duty to protect us from being harmed by it!

YouTube video, where Governor Spitzer is asked some hard questions, here.

There is an e-book written about Operation Paper Tiger, which documents the story of how the Castorena Leija-Sanchez family was investigated by the authorities. The book contains transcripts (taken from wire taps) of the organization in operation.If you were on the fence as to whether or not our borders are secure, or just want to know how insecure they really are, the book is a must read.Currently, the book is only available on the Paper Weapons site, here.

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