No this is not an article about sleight of hand and card tricks. The Legerdemain in this case is a book written by James ‘Jim’ Heaphey. Morocco is not the first country that springs to mind when you mention the ‘Cold War’. Most people think of fabulous food cooked in a tagine.

Morocco in fact played a very key role in the Cold War. In the days before ICBM’s the only way to deliver a nuclear weapon was by bomber. Morocco was well placed to act as a potential takeoff point for bombing the USSR.

I am sure you are saying, how come I have never heard about this? That is a fair question and the answer is that it was not until recently that the documents were declassified and the people involved permitted to talk about it.

Legerdemain was published by History Publishing Company and they are  about to release  an eBook version.

I had the opportunity to sit down the owner of HPc, Don Bracken to talk about this book and other subjects. The publishing world has been in flux since the invention of the Gutenberg Press and it continues to evolve. In fact the evolution just seems to happen faster and faster.

Take some time and listen to our discussion.



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