The Suburban Dragon, a new children’s book by Garasamo Maccagnone, is a wonderful little tale of a creative dad who plays a trick on his unexpected kids. The book is set on a dull, rainy day and Garasamo begins his tale “It was a cold day in the tiny suburb…”. After seeing his children stiff with boredom, a father gets creative and creates a dragon costume to entertain his family but the children mistake him for a real dragon. After the scary “dragon” captures their mother, the children begin making plans to conquer him. As they work together to rescue their mother, they are able to turn a gloomy day into a stirring adventure.

Filled with colorful, watercolor illustrations by artist Al Ochsner, The Suburban Dragon is a whimsical tale that will delight kids and parents alike. I read this book to my 2-year old daughter and she loved it and she’s a tough critic. When I finished reading it, all she said was “Again Daddy”.

This is not the first time that Maccagnone and Ochsner have worked together. They also have collaborated on other projects, including their cartoon strip, Franco. Garasamo Maccagnone is also the author of a collection of short stories called The Affliction of Dreams, and he is currently working on a novel entitled St. John of the Midfield. He resides in Michigan with his wife and three children.

The Suburban Dragon is available at and through other retail channels worldwide.

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