Iraq, and it really doesn’t matter how you spin it, it has been a disaster. Saddam lost his head (literally), the video taken by a cell phone was brutal! Five years into this ‘weekend excursion’ and trillions of dollars later, what have we achieved?

The ‘Shock and Awe’ aspect was lost after the first week of battle in Iraq. Yes we, the Americans have the best toys. We have toys that make other countries drool. But what have we achieved? Well I guess on the plus side, we have proved that Saddam was a despot. But he had no weapons of mass destruction. Although, it is not clear to me that anyone with half a brain could have assumed he did. Saddam lived for the moment, not the future.

George Bush claims that the Iraqi army’s latest stand in Basra is “a defining moment”. If we actually peek under the skirts for a moment we find that this latest skirmish has resulted in more than 130 dead and 350 injured since a clampdown on militias began in Basra on Tuesday.

130 insurgents dead? Well I suppose that is a good thing. But what about the 4000 American families that have lost sons and daughters in this latest Middle East adventure?

What bothers me most about this latest ‘pounding’ on the insurgents in Basra is that we have not won the battle, instead Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Maliki ‘has set a deadline for the Mehdi Army, which still controls large parts of the city, to lay down their arms for money’.

If we have so much fire power, and air supremacy, why would we want to give them money to surrender? This makes no sense to me.

Simon Barrett 

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