By David Schussler

This morning I watched an entertaining movie called “A Day Without Mexicans”. I recommend this movie.

It make me wonder, where have I been? The creative and intuitive minds of some writers and filmmakers are sometimes destined to awaken and/or reawaken the intellect of many. I consider myself an informed individual most of the time. I try to spend time with spiritual meditation, physical fitness, social interaction, and media absorption every day and yet I find that I am still void of many of the answers to why there is so much strife in the world today and this includes our Mexican immigration “problem”.

As the debate over illegal immigration continues in this country without resolution, the one thing that this movie discloses without any doubt is that those hard working illegals who are here not committing crimes and working hard to make a better life for themselves are essential to the American economy and general well being. As contributors to the work force, art, sports, and general tapestry of what America stands for, Mexicans are essential.

The land we live on was all acquired by greed, war, treaty, homestead, and grants. Land division and contractual purchase has given us what exists today. There is virtually no free space left to roam on. Wherever we go we are on somebody’s property. From the moment we leave our own property we are aliens. The parameters that exist beyond that are city, county, state, and country. In crossing each border new laws and rules inhere that make us aliens even within our own country.

An ideal world would have no borders yet in a free world borders are necessary. Those who work hard and acquire property and homes and livestock deserve to be the custodians of what they have earned. They deserve the right to fence their gardens, livestock , and enterprise without trespass. Others deserve the right to be on the path to their own prosperity on whatever level they are capable of.

For years I thought that breaking the law by crossing the border was a crime just like any other and should be punishable. After all, trespassing, if I were to do it, would be a crime that I could be shot for in some states. Earning money without paying taxes has kept me in debt to the IRS for years. From the last time I had children until I reach age 66 I am without social benefits yet illegal immigrants with children get all that is available now. Minimal recourse for traffic crimes, freedom from identity theft, dual identity and marriage benefits are but a few more advantages given to illegal immigrants. Law is necessary. Without law we would have anarchy. Law is essential to self preservation, yet, if I lived in Mexico under an oppressive regime that killed dissidents and only provided a meager existence, would I try to leave for a better life for myself and my family? Would I be willing to break the law of another land by crossing its border?

The open borders and the open arms of employers needing the willing hands of those skilled and unskilled people ready to work seems to supersede the long lines created by the current immigration process. Life in Mexico is not nearly as oppressive and impossible as in many other countries. The need to leave is not as significant. The United States is not a lifeboat for drowning Mexicans with only enough room for some, leaving the rest to drown. The need to cross the border is not dire yet it is felt as such by some, so they risk the attempt en masse. When the kettle boils, the steam will find a way out, even if it is capped. That is why we put a proper regulator and valve on the flow to prevent the explosion.

Skilled and professional Mexicans already have an easy process to immigrate and work in the US. A streamlined, properly sponsored, migrant worker program is also necessary to provide the workers that are needed here. A registration process is necessary to determine that all who are here are who they say they are, and to weed out criminals and send them home. We must record all undocumented Mexican gang bangers, drug couriers, and criminals of any type, and incarcerate or send them home depending on their involvement. Don’t put them back on the street to await further legal action while they commit more crimes. Once this is done, properly advertise to the Mexican people letting them know the importance of screening all immigrants for terrorist prevention, and resolutely enforce the criminality of illegal border crossing. And, do it now! Congress, get your S*** together. It’s not that difficult.

Just remember that “A Day Without Mexicans” would be a day without the presence of the history of a great portion of the United States which was once Mexico and all that it portrays.

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