“IF YOU’VE BEEN dieting forever with very mixed results, then you’ve finally come to the right place. These lifestyle changes that I am recommending will be like no diet that you have ever attempted, so if you combine what I’m about to teach you with the proven methods that Dr. Joel Fuhrman teaches you in his books—Eat to Live is the best one to start off with—you will be well on your way to attaining your goal of losing the dreaded weight that you have been desperately seeking to get rid of for so long.”

–From The ‘Real’ American Diet by Kevin C. Alston

Born & raised in the small town of Mullins, SC, by God-fearing parents who instilled religion into his life at an early age, Kevin C. Alston has an insatiable appetite for knowledge since birth. God blessed him with a keen, analytical mind, & an almost feverish desire to help others. He is a U.S. Air Force veteran, married to the love of his life, with five wonderful kids, & a deep passion that still burns within him to help the less fortunate, through whatever means necessary.  The correlation between what we eat & the epidemic-like rise in diseases of today has the author on an impassioned mission to get to the bottom of what he thinks is a big conspiracy by our government & Big Business. His latest book is The ‘Real’ American Diet.

Book Description:

This book is a culmination of the author’s life, but mainly the past 10 years, where personal tragedies have led him to discover more about the correlation with food, nutrition & the diseases of today, & how it affects us all.

This program is an experiment of sorts, with the author using himself as the guinea pig, with positive results having been discovered, & hopefully, in time, even bigger positive results yet to come.

Between our government & Big Business, we, the people, are already involved in an experiment.  It’s like a big laboratory.  With all of the harmful toxins that are allowed in our air, food, &  water, diseases are at epidemic-like levels, & the author, for one, would like to know if there is more to this than is being told to us. It speaks volumes when other nations refuse to accept grains & meats from us, or at least it does to the author.

Most of the ailments we suffer from today emanate from our guts, & our poor diets keep the sickness-wheels turning, costing each of us millions of dollars, a whole lot of heartache, pain, & suffering.  It’s time to make a change, & that change started with the author’s experiment on himself.


Welcome, Kevin!  Your new book, The ‘Real’ American Diet sounds like something we all could use today. Tell us what was the pivotal moment when you decided you should write about book that discusses the correlation with food, nutrition & the diseases of today and how it affects us all?

Kevin: Boy, can it be used today! After my mom died from cancer back in ’10, I thought about it. When my ‘other’ daughter passed, from cancer as well, I had had enough ( my ‘other’ daughter  is my oldest stepdaughter ). I actually saw my other daughter’s long struggle against, first, breast cancer, & then, liver cancer. It was not something any human being should have to experience.

You mention in your book that you have a ‘routine’ that you use every day. Can you tell us what that routine is?

Kevin: I start my day off the exact same way, no matter what time I actually get up ( crazy work schedule having a lot to do with it ). I start off with at least 40 ounces of water ( I’ve gone from tap water to alkaline water, probably about 4 years ago, I made the switch ) that I squeeze fresh lemon juice into, & I add probably almost a 1/2 capful of apple cider vinegar. Every day is begun that way, no exceptions.

Would you say you ate well or poorly as a child? Were you allowed sweets?

Kevin: No. I wouldn’t say that I ate poorly, but we did get our ‘bad’ things in. At the top of the list of the bad is probably the kids’ cereals that we all were bombarded with growing up. Those things are loaded with sugar! Is that really the way we want to start our days off, with a bowl of sugar? It’s no wonder diabetes is rampant. They’ve got us consuming more & more sugar. But, thank God my mom also taught us, me in particular, the importance of eating your green vegetables. The greener, the better. I try to have something green with every meal. The key word is ‘try’, but trust me, I will get it in that day, for sure, somehow.

Where do you buy your vegetables and fruits? Is it important to stay out of the grocery stores and buy fresh?

Kevin: There’s a store called Nino Savaggio’s, which in essence is a Big vegetable/fruit market. They’ve got everything there, pretty much, but the fresh fruits & vegetables are the main draw, at least for me it is. I’m there quite often. I do still go to grocery stores, but not for my fruits & vegetables.

How can your book help me with my diet?

Kevin: My book doesn’t try to get you to stop doing anything that you are already doing. It just focuses on starting your day out right, incorporating a few new, good habits into your life, & in doing this, it will entice you to make better decisions about what you ingest.

What’s your view on soda? Is it okay to drink in moderation?

Kevin: My view on soda, we call it ‘pop’ up here. I haven’t had a pop since ’98. I just one day decided to stop drinking it, mainly because I knew it was mostly sugar, & since I didn’t really drink a lot of them, it would be much easier to quit, & I did, cold turkey. Juices, in my opinion, are just as bad as pops, especially if it’s not fresh-squeezed.

What’s your most favorite vegetable and fruit?

Kevin: My most favorite vegetable & fruit. My favorite vegetable is probably steamed okra. The sliminess turns a lot of people off, but not me. As for fruit, watermelon & peaches are probably neck-n-neck, in my book. But there are a few others that come close for both fruits & vegetables. I’m not a picky eater, & I love all food.

In closing, do you have anything you’d like to tell your readers?

Kevin: If someone was slowly poisoning a friend or loved one, what would you do about it? That’s where I come in, because I have lots of friends & loved ones, & from the past sufferings of quite a few of them, I felt compelled to try & help the others, as well as myself, because we are all being slowly poisoned by the powers-that-be, all in the name of the almighty dollar. Our air, our food, our water. That’s why there are so many ailments today that seem to be in epidemic-like occurrences. We need to stop the mad scientists! The money isn’t in a cure. It’s in keeping us sick, to keep the prescriptions being written, to keep the money train chugging along, full speed. Good health is your greatest wealth!

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