The modern-day popularity of Bingo often deceives us to believe that Bingo is a modern-day game. However, not even a single letter of that belief is true. This game of fun and simplicity was first played in the 16th century by the name ‘beano’. Bingo was tossed only later in the coming centuries and soon became a household name.

However, its massive fanbase started to decline in the midst of people’s busy lives. Thanks to the infinite capabilities of the internet, bingo soon found a new platform online. It was now available for players 24×7, in their large-screen laptops and smart mobiles. If you too want to get your hands on this new hassle-free medium, here is a guide to play Bingo games online.

The gameplay of online Bingo

Although a lot has changed for the game in the past few decades, the rules and gameplay still manage to be similar. The rule of playing Bingo online is similar to how you would play it in a bingo hall. The rules of playing bingo online go like:

1.Buy your ticket from the online bingo site. Buying a bingo ticket requires you to spend a few bucks. It is similar to paying the entry fees of a bingo hall along with which you get the ticket for free. Online sites don’t ask you to pay for entering the site, but getting your ticket will cost you something.

2.After all the tickets of the game are sold, the game begins.

3.The game begins with the site announcing the first number. If you have that number on your bought card, cut it.

4.The same process is continued until someone has crossed off all his numbers. The person who cuts off all his numbers first, wins the top prize of the game.

5.The next step of this game depends upon the type of bingo site you have chosen to play. Some bingo sites end the game right after the first winner is announced. However, if you are lucky, there are other sites that continue the game till the second or even the third place.

Benefits of playing Bingo online

The rules of paying bingo online are the same as the offline version but it does have quite a few benefits over the land-based version. These benefits do not give you extra rewards but certainly make your gaming session much easier. Here are the benefits of playing bingo online.

Autoplay – There may be times when you have to do something else while in the middle of the game. Now, since this mode of bingo was built to make things convenient, online bingo games have the autoplay option where your numbers are cut off automatically while you are gone.

Autosort – The computer sorts the best card for you on itself. This helps you play with the card that has the best winning chances.

Win Hint – What if the game itself reminds you when you are about to win? You will not need to keep an eye on your card to avoid missing out on making a ‘Bingo’ call. Well, this is exactly how it happens in online bingo games.

Versatility – Online world has a lot of space to present you with different varieties. Therefore, when you join an online bingo site, you can play different types of bingo games. These games are not completely different from their roots but have new twists and turns in their gameplay.

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