What would you like to drink? The young man asked.
What draft beer do you have? I expected the usual Lite crap, and indeed they had all of the Lite crap, then he said Stella Artois.


When it arrived, I told the young man that I had not had a Stella Artois in 38 years. He looked startled and said ‘that’s 20 years longer than I have been alive’.



I remember my last Stella Artois quite well. I was working in London and would ‘commute’ the long journey back to Oxford for the weekend. I had numerous reasons for going home, in London my Beer options were limited to Fullers and Youngs


My parents owned a pub. The Hare, and they served my favorite regional brew Morlands. The other reason to head home was my mother would do my laundry!

One Friday evening I turned up in my very shabby Triumph Spitfire, it was 850cc of brutal power. 0 to 20 in a blink of an eye and then long minutes to achieve 60mph

My father had done the unthinkable! The brewery had persuaded him to install a ‘top pressure’ tap rather than ‘Gravity Feed’. The terms are opposite to what you might think, Gravity Feed is a system where the beer is manually pumped up.

Top Pressure is where an inert gas is used to push the beer to the tap.

Top Pressure was all the rage in London. But I had doubts it would work in rural Oxfordshire. I asked him what was in the tap and he said “some foreign larger stuff with a silly name”. It was Stella Artois, I have to admit that my initial reaction was less than positive.

In retrospect I was wrong, Stella was way better than Heineken, Tubourg, Lowenbrau and the rest of the crap that Europe wanted to unload on the UK.  The average Brit beer drinker viewed Lager as ‘Gnats Piss’.

My first foray into the US was a week long computer geeking conference in Chicago. The hotel was huge, grand and old. While the beer was anything but!

It was wonderful to catch up with a long lost friend like Stella Artios. It ain’t Lite, it ain’t low cal, it ain’t low carb. It is a Larger with taste.

The restaurant I found this yummy stuff in is a mere 20 miles away, the problem is how to sneak in and not buy a huge steak dinner?

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