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Woman wishes others a very miserable season.

Kelo vs City of New London.  Heard of it?  It was a very high profile eminent domain case that was decided in June of last year.  Susette Kelo was determined not to move from her little pink cottage to make room for a waterfront project in Connecticut, but the Supreme Court voted against her, so she gave up her homestead, assessed at somewhere around $100,000 dollars, for a settlement of $442,155.00.

While she did lose her ground, Susette didn’t lose her house.  As part of the settlement, it’s being moved to a new location.  From the old spot, she apparently had a nice view of the river, and it seems she still misses that.  A special Christmas card was sent out to those who opposed her in court, and the message was less than jolly.

Your houses, your homes, your family, your friends.
May they live in misery that never ends.
I curse you all. May you rot in hell.
To each of you I send this spell.

Now whether or not the recipients of the cards deserved such holiday greetings, we won’t get into right here.  I’m just glad we never get those kind of wishes.  Although, there was that one card postmarked North Korea, and the other one with the Iranian stamp, then there was that box of cuban cigars that that tasted kind of funny, and…

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Case history: Kelo vs New London

Cartoon from Sid in the City

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