Jonisha Rios is an accomplished writer, director and actress.  She currently resides in California where she teaches and cares for your 3 year-old son Iysaac- Brendon. She’s here today to share her news about her latest work, Curse of the Blue Vagina, a unique collection that includes two short stories and an all women’s monologue theatrical piece.

Tell us a bit about your book, Jonisha, and what inspired you to write such a story.

My book is a collection of three different stories woven into one fun book. The three pieces are distinct in that they each say something different.  For example the first piece is about a girl named Cassandra who discovers she has a childhood curse. Determined to break the spell she may be under she takes us all on a fun journey to get to a place where ultimately she can find a lasting love.  The second story is about a sassy coffee drinking aunt who teaches the main character, (Jonisha), that life is like a cup of Joe. Settle down and enjoy every sip life has to offer.  Finally the third piece is infused with female monologues that empower, heal and hopefully make you laugh.

What type of writer are you—the one who experiences before writing, like Hemingway, or the one who mostly daydreams and fantasizes? 

I definitely experience a feeling or some form of emotion before I write.  This energy can be anything really -all I know is that when I feel it; it’s time to write.  For me it has always been a healing experience to put pen to paper and just see what comes about as a result.  

Agatha Christie got her best ideas while eating green apples in the bathtub. Steven Spielberg says he gets his best ideas while driving on the highway. When do you get your best ideas and why do you think this is?

HAHA!!! I get my best ideas when I’m on the toilet – I know it’s embarrassing but when I am in the john, or in the bathtub- magic happens.  There is just something about being in the bathroom that makes me want to create. It’s like my little sacred space.  It could also be that this is the only place in the house that I can get some alone time in.  I live in a loft with my husband Michael and son Iysaac and we have no place within the house that we can call our own. It’s just one big open space, and then there is the bathroom.  So I claimed that space as my own sanctuary. I just lock myself in there and create.

When it comes to writing, are you an early bird, or a night owl?

I am for sure a night owl.  Once my kid goes to sleep I only have a few hours to myself where I can hunker down and get to work.   I also like to work really early in the morning like after 3am. There is something about writing this early in the morning.  I just feel really clear. Or maybe its just exhaustion.

Do you have a website/blog where readers may learn more about you and your work?

I do have a blog that I need to revisit its called the “Solo Show Expert” on blogger.  I have several articles on that site with regards to how you can create your own solo-show.  Currently I have my site and plan to add content to it.  We are also in the midst of launching either a weekly web show or pod cast.  So please follow me on Twitter under Blame it on Rios or even Facebook under the group Saved by the Pole or Curse of the Blue Vagina.

Do you have another book on the works? Would you like to tell readers about your current or future projects?

I have a few actually.  I have a fun new book I’m working on now—It’s a secret and it will be about another year before it’s out there. But I will give you a hint… its all about steps.  

As an author, what is your greatest reward?

Completion.  Seeing my work finished in the form of a completed book and knowing that there was a group of people collaborating to get it in the best possible shape is the best reward.  That for me is so gratifying.

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