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In the Washington Post story titled: “America’s Population Set to Top 300 Million,” came talk of a celebration — much like the celebrations that marked the 100 Million mark in 1915 and 200 million fifty-two years later in 1967. Those milestones were something to celebrate! The country was growing but it was growing at a controlled rate through the natural birth rate and through immigration . . . controlled immigration.

The era of controlled immigration seems to have ended. The problem is not only illegal immigration over the U.S.’s southern border . . . although that is an extremely large problem . . . the problem is also the degradation of our immigration policies.

Previous immigration standards ensured that people who came here could, at a minimum, read and write — at least read and write in their native language, that seems to have been dropped. There were rules that assured that immigrants that came here would contribute to the country, not drain it; rules such as minimum standards that eliminated people who would come here and be unable to support themselves financially. There were also rules that eliminated known subversives and anarchists. Now, however, it appears that the floodgates are open and most anyone is allowed to immigrate here.

Yes, this country was built on immigration and without immigration it would not be as strong or as free as it is but consider this: In 1952 — not that long ago — the allowed annual immigration from each country in the world was set at 100 people; and these people had to meet the standards that were set up for immigrants. Today we read that 450 thousand immigrants per year were admitted during the 1970s and, just 20 years later, during the 1990s, that figure doubled to almost one million immigrants per year. This tells me that we are being too generous (perhaps too politically correct) and, as a result, are growing too fast to survive.

Oh sure! The United States will still be here for many years to come but will anyone be able to recognize it or want to live here? You decide!


America’s Population Set to Top 300 Million

Immigration (History by Encarta)

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