That’s about what the Chicago Cubs 2006 season amounted to. The butt of the blame has consistently shifted throughout the course of the year, ranging from nagging injuries to lack of intensity. An interview with first baseman/outfielder Phil Nevin, who “enjoyed” his short stint (67 games) with the Cubs, failed to put fans’ questions to rest.
“That team has been through more than anyone knows this year. Some of it has been publicized, some of it hasn’t. This just wasn’t the right year for it to be done in Chicago.” He continues, “it has been one of those years, where…including most of those people take life for granted, and next year [you will] come out with a different perspective of baseball.”
Wow! That sounds pretty intense! But, given the fact that fans can look at this season, along with almost every other one in the past 100 years, and see quite a resemblance (as far as the player’s as well as the team’s performance are concerned), how can fans differentiate one group of tragedies or mishaps from another? Unfortunately, they can’t, and perhaps that’s why the truth regarding the Cubs’ demise this year will never be revealed. But, in the event that it is…Fans still won’t be able to offer many more sympathies or understanding.

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