What are these guys thinking? Or feeling, I should say. Well, they’re about to get their feelings hurt real bad, that’s for sure. A Swiss company called Genesis Land is seriously planning to build a creationist-based biblical theme-park in Germany of all places, a country where even the churches are aghast at such an idea. Stranger still, they actually expect to draw some 600,000 visitors a year to finance the thing.

Genesis Land is of the mistaken belief (with the stress here firmly placed on belief) that Germans will be just as willing to flock to religious theme parks as Americans appear to be. Germany is clearly one of the leading western nations when it comes to the decline of traditional Christian beliefs and therefore one of the worst choices a company like Genesis Land could possibly make, assuming of course that there is also a business calculation behind the venture, in the traditional sense.

According to one survey, only one in ten Germans believe in a literal interpretation of the Bible or in religious miracles, the scales tipping clearly lower when comparing East Germans to West Germans or young to old. And although one can understand the company’s concern when it writes “In Europe, particularly in German-speaking Europe, we are experiencing a lot of discussion about whether teaching the biblical narrative should be removed from the school curriculum. In so doing, western society faces depriving its children of the knowledge about the basis of its culture: the Bible”, it is hard to take seriously its other claim that the theme park will be run “according to business principles”.

Of course we all know that belief in general and Christianity in particular has only ever really prospered in times of adversity, the same holding true for places of adversity, I suppose, so perhaps the business principles Genesis Land will be running on are of a more long-term nature. They are certainly going to have to be if they ever want to pay their bills. But hey, money isn’t everything, for everybody.

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