Sometimes I see things that give me pause to reflect.
9-11 Survivor WTC

While checking the mail box at the end of the driveway, I turned to notice the Tag Frame on our friend Julie’s car.

In an understated and simple black and white, it states “9-11 Survivor” and WTC 1, 29th FL. Understated sums up Julie when she speaks about it, it’s always quietly.

I remember watching the live coverage of the attacks on the World Trade Center, Julie was on the 29th floor of World Trade Center Building 1.

I remember the images burned into my brain of the planes striking the towers, Julie felt the building shake from the impact of the Jet.

I recall feeling helpless as I watched the events unfold on Television, Julie was at her desk when the sprinkler system kicked on and the power went out.

I remember watching the thousands of people stream out of the basement exits covered in black soot and coughing out the smoke, Julie made her way down 29 flights of stairs in the dark, with hundreds of others, while breathing the thick smoke from the jet fuel fires above her.

I remember the anger I felt toward those that attacked the U.S., Julie remembers friends and coworkers that didn’t make it out alive.

I feel lucky to know Julie.

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